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How to Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are the result of extra skin and stretch drive. These marks are very common in people who are overweight. Pregnant women are more likely to be affected stretch marks and wear.

Causes Stretch marks

The skin is very elastic and can be up to a certain level, without any trace of being expanded. However, the strain causing excessive to start the skin and tissues collagen scaffold tear. Collagen is used to connect and to support and maintain elasticity. Therefore, the tearing of the fabric caused purple, red, pink, brown or colored stripes on the skin.

These markers are regulated by various factors such as skin color, genetics, the elasticity of the skin, obesity, hormonal changes and pregnancy. Although the grooves decreases over time, will not disappear completely. By using natural techniques, it is very possible that fewer noticeable mark. Here are some ideas that are all the stretch marks on the course, thighs, legs, belly and other body parts to be reduced.

The elastic skin is less likely to get those marks. It is therefore very important to stay hydrated to improve elasticity. enough water is very important for healthy skin and shiny for the general welfare of the body. Obesity should be controlled and it can get away with healthy food and stay processed foods can be achieved. You must practice every day, increasing the elasticity of the skin. We must never forget to moisturize the skin, especially in areas such as the abdomen, legs, thighs and hips.

Even after all the necessary preventive methods, some of these brands can tear for them is good, oil or cream contains almond oil, vitamin C, olive oil, cocoa butter, Vitamin D and retinoids in the affected areas. This content moisturize the skin, are resistant to marks, and triggers the production of new collagen. Moreover, peeling the dead skin cells to help prevent marks.

In addition, you can even go on topical treatments and laser treatments, microdermabrasion and. But it is best to consult your doctor before these treatments.