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Ringworm Humans

Where have all the good women gone, honestly?

Yes, the quintessential women possessing a balance of oomph, style and substance knowing where the line has to be drawn.

Not needing attention but getting it all the same while in a girlie fashion being able to generate controversy just for funs sake, and all the while, not taking herself seriously!

The old guard of women whether movie stars, musicians or fashion models had something to them (an element of glamour, if you will) that is so lacking in the present generation of women that carry the torch into the New Millenium. Show me at least two women that can match up to the likes of Raquel Welch, Madonna and well, the motormouth Queen of mean Lisa Lamponelli herself!

Being judgmental is not my style, but when you read utter trash like this article, youll understand why Im starting to wonder whether weve reached the brink of insanity.

Which begs the question as posed by one its readers: Why not feces and vomit instead?

Class and taste it seems, will have to be taught and legislated from here on because I can only imagine what the next generation of movie stars and musicians will come up with!

Bet Lady Gaga never thought of the epidemic she might set off by sharing and no, sharing isnt caring in this instance.

Not unless it has to do with personal hygiene, honestly and while were on the subject of sharing, if youre smart, youd keep your clothes to yourself instead of doing the caring thing!

Havent you heard of the infection known as ringworm?

Am pretty sure that Lady Gaga hasnt but do read on!

Ringworm Causes & Symptoms

Right off the bat, this has nothing to do with worms crawling under your skin but it is actually a fungal infection that you can get by coming into contact with another person who already has this infection or from sharing clothes, towels, combs, sports equipment, sheets, showers and from pool surfaces as well.

And the very first symptom of ringworm is itchy, red and scaly patches on your skin, thanks to skin fungi that thrive in warm and moist areas.

Your immediate response to this might be: Is there any accepted ringworm treatment in place?

Yes, and here are things that you would normally have to do in order to rid yourself of this disgusting infection. [Sorry, I'm really grossed out at this point!]

Ringworm Treatment

The first stage doesnt need the supervision of a doctor, and it is in this stage that you have to take care of your skin by keeping it clean and dry for at least, three to four weeks.

Finding over-the-counter medication containing miconazole and clotrimazole is the conventional ringworm treatment procedure but thats not all as it is important to wash your nightclothes and bedsheets regularly.

If this doesnt work, then its to visit the doctor who might give you antibiotics or even skin medication containing ketoconazole too!